Pediatric Occupational Therapy, Speech-Language Therapy, And Physical Therapy for Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and other special needs

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Why Addie's AutismFITT Club?

addie_merrillAddie Godinho has been involved in the professional fitness field since 1996.

After working independently for four years she opened Addie's Personal Training Studio in 2001. Addie's Studio has a wide variety of clients ranging from professional athletes to those with physical limitations. She and her staff of trainers have multiple certifications with nationally recognized associations that permit them to assess an individual's initial fitness level, assign exercises and cardiovascular regimens, and assist clients of various backgrounds through their workouts to achieve the goals they desire.

Addie's first daughter Reese was born in 2004 and diagnosed with autism in 2006.

Since then Addie started researching autism programs for exercise because the options Reese's daily life was just not cutting it. "I was so disappointed when I couldn't find any outlets for children as they grew into their adolescent and their teen years. It didn't sit well with me and I wanted to make a difference for families and their loved ones." Addie states, "Exercise is my passion and Reese was brought into my life to fuel my fire to help other families who have children with autism. I love every minute of it. These kids are excited to exercise, their bodies start to work as one unit, their coordination is vastly improved, and they accomplish all this while smiling and having fun. Parents can see the transformations their kids go through and become eager to witness the further developments made from week to week."

AutismFITT Club understands Autism

As a pioneer in San Diego of a true fitness curriculum for children with autism, Addie knows answers, solutions, and evolutionary discoveries are still being made about what works best for those affected by this disorder. However, living with this disorder gives her a unique advantage from an experiential and experimental angle that most other fitness experts do not have. Her background, knowledge, expertise, and application have enabled her to tailor an elementary program that she and her trainers use as a building block to help their clients achieve consistent fitness milestones.

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