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Physical therapy plays a major role in leading children with varying forms of cancer back to their highest level of physical function.

Cancer and chemotherapy weaken the immune system, cause fatigue, and often times lead to a sedentary lifestyle. The goal of the physical therapist is to have the child maintain an active lifestyle in a safe and fun manner before, during, and after chemotherapy treatment.

Children with cancer often experience impairments such as: loss of range of motion, pain, posture dysfunction, gait disturbances, muscle weakness, sensory impairments, balance and coordination deficits, and poor endurance. These impairments can lead to restrictions in their daily lives and require a physical therapist to initiate a therapeutic exercise program, provide postural re-education, use neuro-developmental treatment activities, provide balance and coordination exercises, educate families on equipment/orthotics, and address compensation activities to reduce fatigue.

We work with each individual child and family to improve their quality of life and facilitate strategies to avoid excess fatigue. Early intervention is imperative to avoid long-term deficits and social activity limitations. We provide an encouraging and positive environment where the child always ends the day feeling accomplished and successful.

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