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Speech-Language Evaluations | What To Expect

Preschool Language Scales- PLS-5 (English and Spanish editions). Assesses Auditory comprehension and expressive language in preschool age population

PLS-5 offers a comprehensive developmental language assessment, with items that range from pre-verbal, interaction-based skills to emerging language to early literacy! This interactive, play-based assessment provides a comprehensive, reliable, and trusted information about language skills for children birth through age 7.

Before PLS-5 Spanish, you needed to administer a test in English and a test in Spanish to obtain information about a bilingual child’s skills in each language. Often, both scores were low, because children have acquired some language skills in English and some in Spanish. Now, we can obtain an Auditory Comprehension, Expressive Communication, and Total Language score that captures the child’s Spanish and English skills in one score.

Oral and written language Scales- OWLS - Older kids assessment of listening comprehension and oral expression

Unlike other language assessments, the OWLS offers a comprehensive sampling of language tasks over a wide age range. These tasks address vocabulary, grammar, pragmatic structures, and higher order (supralinguistic) thinking, providing a clear picture of an individual’s ability to understand and produce connected language, both spoken and written.

Goldman Fristoe test of articulation - GFTA-3- assessment of articulation

Goldman-Fristoe Test of Articulation offers updated norms, new digital test administration and scoring options. The new test will still be brief to administer and easy to score, while providing accurate scores for making diagnostic and placement decisions.

Khan Lewis Phonological analysis- KLPA- assessment for phonological processes present in speech production

This analysis gives a more comprehensive diagnosis of both articulation and use of phonological processes. This leads to more informed therapy decisions.

Stuttering Severity Instrument- SSI- assessment of fluency/stuttering

Stuttering Severity Instrument is a reliable and valid norm-referenced stuttering assessment that can be used for both clinical and search purposes. It measures stuttering severity in both children and adults in the four areas of speech behavior: (1) frequency, (2) duration, (3) physical concomitants, and (4) naturalness of the individual’s speech. Frequency is expressed in percent syllables stuttered and converted to scale scores of 2-18. Duration is timed to the nearest one tenth of a second and converted to scale scores of 2-18. The four types of Physical Concomitants are and converted to scale scores of 0-20.

Kaufman Speech Praxis test- test for apraxia of speech and motor speech proficiency

The KSPT assists in the diagnosis and treatment of developmental apraxia (dyspraxia) of speech in preschool children.

The KSPT identifies the level of breakdown in a child’s ability to speak in order to establish treatment and track improvement. Easy to administer and score, the test helps measure a child’s imitative responses to the clinician, locates where the child’s speech system is breaking down, and points to a systematic course of treatment.

Results of the KSPT are useful beyond establishing an initial diagnosis. Measure and quantify gains in motor-speech several ways. Individual sections of the test help the clinician establish treatment goals and measure progress. Use KSPT results to generate goals for Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). This assessment tool is critical for speech-language pathologists who work with children in public schools, hospitals, universities, and private practice.

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