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Social Skills Deficit

Many parents of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are always concerned about their child’s social functioning. They know that their child have many incredible and wonderful traits to offer others, but the nature of their poor social skills, often prevent them from establishing meaningful social relationships.

This frustration is added when parents know that their children want desperately to make friends, but fail when trying to create a connection with another. Often, their failure is a direct result of ineffectual programs and inadequate resources typically made available for social skills instruction.

Usually, for most children, basic social skills (e.g., turn taking, initiating conversation) are acquired easily at young ages. However, for children on the spectrum, the process is much more difficult. Whereas, many children learn these basic skills simply by exposure to social situations, children with ASD often need to be taught skills explicitly, and as soon as possible.

Learn how social skills groups can help a child at any age. 

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