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Signs That Your Child May Need Speech-Language Therapy

Knowing what is age appropriate when it comes to language and speech development is extremely important. Here are some signs your child might need speech therapy.

1. Your Child Doesn't Interact Socially. If your baby isn't smiling or interacting with other children from infancy to 3 months of age, it could be an indicator for a speech or language delay. 

2. Your Toddler Makes Only a Few Sounds, Words, or Gestures between 12 to 18 months. Most kids are starting to speak a few single words between a year and 18 months. Between 1 1/2 and 2 years of age, they are usually putting words together. If your child isn't saying anything at all, or has an extremely limited repertoire of words, he or she may have a speech delay.

3. Your Child Hasn't Started to Combine 2 or More Words Together By the Age of 2. Usually, children begin combining two or more words together to make "sentences" at 18 months: "Hello Mom." "My Toy."

4. It is Difficult To Understand What Your Child Is Saying (18 months to 2 years). It isn't uncommon for parents to be the only persons who understand what their toddler is saying, but between 18 months and two years old, parents shouldn't have too much difficulty figuring out what their child is saying. Speech should be clear to a familiar listener.

5. Your Child Struggles to Make Sounds or Say Words (2 1/2 to 4 years). Certain sounds are more challenging to pronounce than others.

These are just a few of the things that may indicate your child could benefit from speech-language therapy. Growing your child’s communication skills is important for meeting wants and needs, forming relationships with families and peers, and school based subjects including: reading, writing, math, and science. Expanding communication and social skills enables children to better navigate their environments and increases independence in both home and school environments.

Have your child screened by a professional at one of our therapy centers in San Diego or Chula Vista, California. Check out our screening schedule here.

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