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Wednesday, May 4, 2016 11:30 am

BEEs | Featured Special Needs Partner

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Who are BEEs?

Who are the BEEs?  The Builders of Eloquence and Engagement are each and every one of the children, teenagers and adults with communication challenges such as non verbal autism, apraxia, dyspraxia, echolalia, mutism, and more, who are working each day towards accessing learning and communication.

They work tirelessly to conquer the movements needed to communication, vocal or non-vocal, they are the ones that build the skills and put in the effort to reach eloquence. 

Who are we? We are a team of passionate people who believe in the dreams, goals and hopes of each BEE and their family.  We strive support the communication and engagement efforts of each individual pushing the perceived limits of their ability to reach open ended communication and learning.

We value hard work, perseverance and hope.  We presume competence and live by the principles of the least dangerous assumption. 

Supporting the access to learning and communication for each one of the individuals with communication challenges, whether it is non verbal autism, echolalia, apraxia, dyspraxia, mutism is our passion.

We support the work of our BEEs by providing direct and group instruction, supervision, services coordination and mentoring for parents. 

We have a Certified RPM (Rapid Prompting Method) provider on staff and are able to provide behavior intervention instructional assistants knowledgeable in RPM. We also provide 1:1 RPM sessions with learners, parent coaching, intense RPM intervention and more!

Visit and join us, we cannot wait to help your BEE fly.

Watch their Spanish interview by UnivisionSD here

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