Pediatric Occupational Therapy, Speech-Language Therapy, And Physical Therapy for Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and other special needs

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Addie's Story


Addie’s first daughter was diagnosed with autism in 2006 as a two year old.  “I remember that day when Reese was diagnosed and thought, what do I do now?” Addie said.  She began to look for resources where she could get assistance and direction on what to do for Reese.  Addie’s world was turned upside down.  There was somewhat of an intrinsic panic, but also a demanding sense of direction of what she needed and wanted to accomplish.  She needed and wanted to get Reese help so Reese could be the best “normal she could be.”  Whatever "normal" is.


Addie dug into research about what exactly could help Reese with her “diagnosis.”  In her mind she was thinking “This must be a misdiagnosis?!  We can beat this!  She can be reevaluated out of it, right…?”  But the hard truth eventually sank in.  Reese would be dealing with this “Autism-condition” for a long time.  


Addie did find out that there were some options for different types of therapy.  However, besides those there were very few other methods and or practices to help children progress through their challenges as they went from infancy to teens and beyond.  And besides, most of those centers she visited presented more of a clinical type of setting with the white walls and white coats with people who most likely were not parents who had kids with autism.  "How could they truly relate to my challenges?" Addie thought.  


Addie wanted something different and more upbeat for Reese and in much friendlier and welcoming environment.  Addie started do case studies on kids with autism and exercise and saw the need for them to be exercising/playing more in a controlled safe environment.  


AutismFITT was born as Exercise Therapy with a dedicated emphasis on positive exertion of both the body and the mind.  The progress and results were astonishing.  Children on the spectrum actually enjoyed physical activity and they yearned to come to her studio and they begged to stay.  Then the light bulb turned on.  Why not integrate all disciplines into one amazing facility so that no matter what the therapy, kids will be excited to come to make progress?  So Addie added Pediatric Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapy to list of services her facilities can offer.


“I want to help and guide families that are living the same journey and let them know I truly understand what they are going through” Addie says.  AutismFITT now has two locations.  Her first is in Mission Valley, San Diego and the newest one is in Eastlake in Chula Vista.  They specialize in Occupational, Speech, Physical and Exercise Therapy.

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